How Not to Do A Podcast

I was thinking earlier today of how to bring new life to my blog, which could really use more frequent posts, so the idea came to me of weekly video podcasts. Gwynne will help me with these, and we’ll (ideally) discuss audience-suggested topics in the future. For now, we improvised three topics:

1. Review of Carbon for Twitter (we were originally going to review Necomimi Cat Ears, but the batteries apparently died). I was inspired to do this instead by a discussion in Skype-PBMS.

2. KISS Hello Kitty: April Fool’s joke, or product of some sick, twisted mind?

3. Chromebook Pixel. Because I can’t do anything on the internet without complaining about it (and we couldn’t think of some third topic that would actually be relevant).

I suck at editing. I hope to be better at it by week 100 or so. I also hope to have some sort of title for the podcast by that point. And hopefully we’ll learn how to actually do a podcast.

No, really, in a year or two, we’ll look back to this first episode and think, “Wow, we’ve gotten so much better at video podcasting since then.”

We also did a behind-the-scenes video that’s longer (and possibly even more awful) than the actual podcast.

We’ll accept suggestions for future topics (we would really like to review items provided by ThinkGeek), as well as a title for the podcast, both in the comments, and on Twitter.

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