How Not to Name a Podcast

Second in our temporarily-named How Not to ________ a Podcast series, Gwynne and I review Necomimi Brainwave Cat Ears, talk about bitcoins (Stupid Thing of the Week™), and the future of the podcast, which we obviously still have not named. Please comment or tweet suggestions!

There’s no behind-the-scenes video this time, although we did come up with a funny bit of comedy we might do based on this episode (it’s less lame than it sounds). I hope my editing skills have improved since last time; I spent about six hours and 60GB of hard drive space working on it. I’ve also learned the basics of FCPX, all on my own!

In case you didn’t catch my tweet, we will now be podcasting on a bi-weekly schedule, as six-hour editing jobs are a bit too involved to do on a weekly basis. We’ll have a new episode up in two weeks.

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