Justin Daigle: A Facebook Experience

Hi! As of today, Justin Daigle (.com) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. I have sold the domain, as well as its content and a ten-year contract of my services, for the sum of one billion US dollars. As part of the deal, I have also sold the notterland.com domain to Zynga, and will assist them in developing a freemium game offering strong and completely unfair practical benefits to paying customers. As for this blog, I will now document what’s new at Facebook and my work there. I will be updating here and my brand new Facebook page¬†from my new Chromebook Pixel, the ideal machine for people who do nothing but browse the web! The new analytic software installed on my blog is also tracking which posts you read, connecting your IP address to your real name and your Facebook account without any other information required, and selling this comprehensive profile of yourself to the highest bidder.

Psst: Happy April Fool’s Day!¬†

Also, thanks Gwynne for the idea.

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