Happy Month-iversary Kimberly! <3

If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s to expect the unexpected. About a month and a half ago, on April Fool’s Day, I wrote a blog post about Chromebooks as part of my typical April Fool’s tradition. And I decided to link to it on the ChromeOS subreddit, because, why not? May as well go all-out. And I just so happened to have a reddit account I never really touched; I just so happened to have created it in order to defend against some unsavory comments a rather unsavory subreddit made about a Youtube video of mine. So… yeah. Despite the fact that my previous experiences with reddit led me to believe it was a cesspit of trolls, I decided to look around. Apparently there’s a dating subreddit, /r/r4r. So I decide to post there. Do I really expect to get very far with this? Of course not. I also never considered that I had posted on April Fool’s Day, which isn’t particularly strategic. Anyway, the next afternoon, I get a response (to this day, I don’t actually know why she replied to my post; I just go on and on about how I’m a socially inept geek). So. Typical dating site response? A few poorly-written words. Not what happened here! A girl named Kimberly introduces herself in a well-written, well thought out message. I figured this was a lost art these days. Perhaps it isn’t. So we exchange several messages of reasonable length (proving how perfect she is for me; as a self-proclaimed socially inept geek, my communication skills are far less than adequate, and she somehow makes up for them), and after I nearly ruin everything (possibly the one thing I’m good at), we continue talking on Skype. On April 14, in a spectacularly clichéd fashion, I ask her to be my girlfriend. On the 16th, after I maniacally raced home from a lab (and if my lab partners happen to be reading this, now you know why I seemed so frustrated over not being able to leave early) so we could do a video call, she finally told me yes, around 5PM my time, 6PM hers (roughly the time at which I published this post). The conversation that led up to this was embarrassingly lame on my part (oh, what a surprise), so I think I’ll leave out how exactly it happened. 50/50 chance she’ll comment and tell the story anyway.


I really like this particular picture of her. It’s in no way more relevant to this post than any other picture I could’ve chosen, but I really like this one.

As best as can happen considering she’s halfway across the country (for now, but I shall put every possible effort into changing this by the end of summer), Kimberly has been in more or less every moment of my life since then. And I don’t think I’d be capable of being without her for a moment. She’s responsible for several of the happiest moments of my life, and this has by far been the best month I’ve ever had.

Did I mention she can sing?

Last week, she performed in her last chorus concert before her graduation, as the soloist in this rendition of “Walking in Memphis.” One of my greatest regrets is that I wasn’t able to be there.

Kimberly, thank you. You’ve given me a reason to be alive. All because of you, I’m happy in life now, and I hope that I’ve brought you some measure of happiness as well. I have something for you, but it’ll be a little late. I want to give it to you in person before graduation. It’s the most important moment of your life thus far, and despite the fact that 700 miles currently separate us, I refuse to miss it. I realize we won’t have much time together when I come to visit, but… I’m still working on that, I promise! And despite how short those moments may be, they’ll be the best of my life yet. I love you. 

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