My name is Justin Daigle. I’m 21, and I blog about technology, and on occasion, other things.

I live in a small town in which there’s never anything worth doing (as soon as I graduate, I hope to move somewhere worth living; maybe then I’ll have a “real” life), and as such, I find myself almost constantly online, usually reading sites like The Verge.

In addition to on my blog, I can be found at various other places around the internet. These places include Twitter and TiNternet IRC (irc.justindaigle.com, port 6667) in the channel #coffeeshop.

Another hobby of mine is programming, and if I’m not unproductively wasting time on the internet, I may be spending time learning a new programming language or working on a project. I’m (reasonably) fluent in C, C#, Java, and Obj-C, and have written applications for iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows.

I’m also proudly helping out with the Eleven project, which is working to relaunch Glitch, made possible by the folks at Tiny Speck. As such, I am also now familiar with JavaScript and RethinkDB.

Me, in Glitch form.

I like blogging, Twitter, IRC, and programming (and tech in general; I spend somewhat-excessive amounts of time poking around different desktop and mobile operating systems, on numerous devices). I absolutely hate intellectual property law, and hope to see it wiped off the face of the earth within my lifetime. As such, I proudly support sites like The Pirate Bay, which encourage civil disobedience to corrupt intellectual property laws.

The real me (this picture is old and was taken on a crappy phone camera on a day when the sun was just about blinding, but I don’t have an acceptable replacement for it).

If you’d like to contact me about matters relevant to the site or its content, you can e-mail me at admin [at] justindaigle [dot] com. Please do not use that address if you just wish to chat. For that, please use Twitter or IRC (locations for both mentioned earlier on this page).

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