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First Look: OS X Mountain Lion

One short year ago, I reviewed the Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview.And now, it’s time to review the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview (Apple has dropped the “Mac” prefix from the name, as seen below). The About This Mac screen This morning, Apple completely unexpectedly announced… Read more »

RIP Steve Jobs

Today, the world has lost the greatest visionary it will ever see. Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of fifty-six. Even if you’ve never owned an Apple product, whatever device you’re using to read this right now was indirectly a product of the vision of Steve Jobs. Apple was the first to do… Read more »

Why Mac OS X Will Never Become iOS

I apologize in advance for a post that may turn out significantly shorter than usual, but I haven’t posted anything here in awhile, and my thoughts on this topic are too long to express effectively on Twitter, so I guess that mandates a writeup here. Edit: Apparently I had more to say on this topic… Read more »