New Hosting Idea

After seeing several post-to-host deals online, I thought “What an idea!”

So I will begin to offer the same thing.

Read that announcement for details, and I will work on setting up the forums needed for hosting business.

Meanwhile, go to the forum, join, and get posting!

Also, if you wanna post more than that, lemme know and maybe I’ll see about different plans.

Reseller-ness, w00t!

Well, now that I’m a reseller, anyone want hosting? I’ll host forums or whatever. 

You will also notice practically everything is back up now, although the frontpage and forum are all-new. I hate fixing config files and only bothered to do it for my blog.

Only a couple more weeks of school left, then it’s summer.

I’m probably just gonna spend my whole summer on the computer, comment with your plans.

Also comment if you want hosting. I’m glad to be on a proper host now.

And my justin[at]justindaigle[dot]com e-mail address is back.  

Full site coming back up!

I have obtained permanent hosting and my blog is now up on the permanent host. The rest of will be back shortly.

Also, it’s reseller so I may become a free forum host or something.  😛

Anyway, after being down for a week, I’m glad to be able to now put everything back up. 🙂

My temp host was suspending me and getting on my nerves anyway.  🙁

Also, my HDD recently phailed so I’m going to be stuck on a 6GB on my PC. xD

New hosting coming soon :)

I’ve signed up with my new host and as soon as they get something settled, I’ll be moving to them and my whole site will be back up and running.

I’ve also decided that I’m probably soon going to reformat my laptop as it hasn’t been cleaned out in 5 years and needs it badly (suddenly thinks: My parents have had this thing since I was 10? 0_o)

And I’m also saving up to buy a copy of Vista Home Premium on eBay. I think they have ’em for about $110, and so far I’ve saved up about $5 meaning I need about $105 more. Let’s hope I can get it within 8 months. 🙂

So let’s hope my new hosting comes in soon. By the way, it’s reseller. I may be able to do some interesting stuff with that. 😛

Back in business!… sorta

If you’re reading this, my blog is (obviously) online. Which means I have found temporary hosting. And now that they’ve got my PHP business cleared up, I can write blog posts again. Obviously, if you just typed, you’ll have noticed that not everything’s back to normal. I only have 300MB of space with my temp host, and my complete site is 320MB, so for now all that is here is a temp frontpage and my blog, which will remain active at the temp site until I get new hosting, when it will still be active. 😀

So I’m still here, and ooh… did I mention I’m running WS2008 Standard on only 256MB of RAM? iPwn! 😛