Really bad news

I heard this a minute ago:

And as Tom hosts this site, this means will be gone, most likely forever,

as I have incredibly demanding needs and highly doubt I will be able to find alternative hosting.

So to all of you who visit this site, this is goodbye. 🙁

I’m sorry I have to lose my presence on the web, but seeing how this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get free hosting, and I can’t afford to pay anything for hosting, and the person providing the

hosting appears to need to stop providing it, there is no reasonable way for me to keep a quality site. My alternative would

be filthy, ad-ridden, incredibly limited free hosting, and I WILL NOT stoop to that level. will remain a fine, ad-free, high-quality site wih unlimited bandwidth, or it will not remain at all. So, this is goodbye. I guess you will still see me at, but I feel like such a n00b now that I will lose my home on the web. 🙁

(this is where you’re supposed to feel sorry and offer me hosting)

Do I HAVE to fill out title fields?

I’m not one to stay on-topic, so never expect me to make a one-topic post. Who wants to be limited to that?

First order of business. Not long after my last post, someone posted an unacceptable comment about me. Using language like that on my blog won’t get you too terribly far.

Although you can disagree with me, just don’t resort to swearing. I realize that post was a bit offensive (and not very offensive at that),

but the name calling was a little overboard. I appreciate comments, just try to make sure they make it past moderation, okay? 

In other nonsense, I found out how to take a heat sink off my CPU. I broke some sort of “thermal paste” in the process, but it still works.

I hope to buy a new CPU soon.

And I am also pleased to announce that once LONGLinux gets to the point where it is distributed as a complete ISO,

I get to host it. 

Moving on, my site got hacked today. Although it taught me a valuable lesson: Backups, n00b! (comment aimed towards me) So as I write this post talking about boring things you probably don’t care about, I am downloading an enormous backup of all my things (465.7MB).

The moral of this story: Even though my blog may be offensive at times, please never write comments that are more offensive than my post.

And also, always remember to back up your files! 

A few facts

I think I’m going to post a few statistical facts about the site. I was looking through something on the site and found this, among other stuff.

This month, I’ve had 146 unique visitors? That’s it!?!?!?! *goes into rage

The United States uses more bandwidth than all other countries combined.

48.9% of people who visit this site use Internet Explorer. Another 33.4% uses Firefox. 8.2% uses Opera. I may use any of the three at any given time. I pwn the whole field.

93.4% of visitors use Windows. And what the heck? MAC comes in second (3.3%)? C’mon people, use a real OS. Use Windows or Linux (having 2.3%).

Most links from external pages came from

28.2% of the errors gotten on my site are 404’s. It came in second to 301’s (29.8%)

Shockingly, my top keywords involve Rapidshare cheats. This isn’t a Rapidshare cheat site. Although I did make one entry about it awhile back. Use torrents people! Rapidshare sucks!

Also, people seem to come here looking for favorite IRC channels. You’re looking for #rotflol on Freenode.

New domain!

This post is being written by the proud new owner of! And now that I have the domain, I’m gonna start doing more with my site (hopefully)! Which, if you haven’t noticed, is basically my old site! All you used to love from is still here (and for now the forum and blog are still at And I’m going to start promoting the forum more, spending more time here, and maybe even posting exciting tech news here and on the frontpage (it’s about time I use that Joomla install for something). And even though I’m gonna start posting tech news on my blog (once in a while) it will still be home to all my rants and other things about how I’m wasting my time.

Oh yeah, I don’t feel like adding them, but you hopefully will never see the default smilies again. I’m gonna get off my lazy rear end and start using these.

Actually, I’ll add them and see if it’s possible to apply a nice theme to Joomla! A new domain deserves a new look!

And, back to my personal rants, I have to go back to school tomorrow.

New skin

Well, if you couldn’t tell just by looking, my blog got a new skin. Meaning, the ugly WordPress default is outta here! Also, I got a USB cable for my phone so I have music and the like on it. And I’m considering getting my own hosting directly from someone instead of going through Rob. First, I need cPanel access, and second, I want the domain Should I do this, all my stuff will be moved there. 🙂

You know, I’d really appreciate it if people would comment on my posts. It makes me feel like people read my (now much shinier) blog.

So anyway, there’s my updates for today! Oh yeah, congratulations to on having 20,000 posts!