Vista 5231

Well, we all know I can’t keep an OS installed for over a week, but I finally hope to change that. I installed Vista 5231, patched the activation, and (somehow; this is one of the issues, I’m not sure if I can remember everything I need in order to do it again) patched the timebomb. Anyway, besides the fact that it’s a bit sluggish, crashes a bit much, Media Center somehow kept its timebomb, and I can’t get glass, this build pwns! I’m going to stick with this one (and if I dont I may never be able to remember how I patched the timebomb 🙁 )!

Here’s some screenshots of it, full-resolution as always (but in PNG- it’s 5231 Paint’s default format)

New computer here!

On January 3, I got my new computer, and this is my first post from it.

OS: Microsoft Windows Longhorn Build 4053

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 @ 1.5GHz

RAM: 256MB (Trust me, adding more by using a spare PC100 stick was a bad idea, when it says “PC133 ONLY,” it means “SRSLY, PC133 ONLY.”



Drives: Floppy, CD-ROM

Bad news… and more bad news

OK… you know what I said about 6 days? Well, it’s gonna be more. A lot more. January 3, 2008 is the scheduled delivery date. And something very bad happens on that day that will really ruin my plans- I have to go back to school. I’d better start praying for a miracle: for it to get here faster. If you remember the specs on my last 2 computers, you’ll realize how much I need this.

Merry Christmas!!!

Here’s what I got for Christmas, copied from a post at JJ.

I got…
Ratatouille DVD
Alarm clock
3 shirts
MP3 player (still charging, gotta charge for 1 hour, 14 minutes more )
Money, which I used to buy a computer (wow, this is gonna be my third computer in one year)

Specs on new computer:
1.5GHz Pentium 4 (that means SSE2, which means OSX86)
GFX card unknown
no HDD (im gonna stick my 13GB in it, my old computers will now become spare parts)
4 USB ports
CD-ROM drive (once again, im gonna use my old computer’s DVD-ROM drive in it)

Anyway, I bought it on eBay. It’s gonna be here in 6 days or something…

I hope you are having a merry Christmas too!

Christmas break

I’m out for the rest of 2007 for Christmas break! Which means I’m gonna spend a lot more time on the computer! So, what are your plans for the Christmas holidays?

I’ll be right here if you need me…