Recent happenings

If I haven’t mentioned this yet, I’ve upgraded my computer to Ubuntu 7.10 (a few days back). Unfortunately, I have homework, and I hate homework. On the bright side, I dissected a cow’s eye at school today and got to keep the lens. It’s sitting on my shelf right now, so I now have an internal eye part in my possession! How cool is that!

Blog moved and new frontpage with new banner

If you haven’t noticed, my blog’s been moved. It’s been moved to [sarcasm](wow, what a strange place to put a blog)[/sarcasm]

Anyway, I needed a front page to go where the blog was, but the blog is now here, safe and sound (thanks to Rob for moving it for me).

Although now I need a descent banner for the front page. I managed at least to replace the default Joomla banner, although if I haven’t made it clear, I suck at graphics. But it’ll do for now.

New computer, which means I installed Ubuntu!

I went over to the Goodwill store and purchased a Pentium II with 192 MB of RAM and a 12 GB HDD and a 16 MB GFX card. Plus it has USB (finally, yes!!!). Anyway, I installed Ubuntu 7.04 on it. Although now I’m using the keyboard and mouse for my dad’s computer so I have to give the keyboard and mouse up when my parents want to use the laptop (which I finally don’t need anymore; this computer can handle video and web browsing; oh yeah, it also has a DVD player and a ZIP drive (which is totally useless. you can’t find Zip drive media anymore). Anyway, unless my parents will let me drag the printer into my room every time I want to print something (if the printer will even work under Ubuntu, but it’s not Windows so everything should work perfectly), I will still have to use the laptop (which currently isn’t working) to print stuff.

New forum

I have a new forum now! It’s called ROTFLOL Forums.

Please join it if you want! It’s powered by phpBB3 (which is really, really impressive).

Weekend time!

Now that it’s the weekend, I can blog without concern for my homework. Well, at least until Sunday, when I’m gonna be stuck doing all of it. So first a little about my computer.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1

CPU: Intel Pentium at 133MHz

RAM: 144 MB, over twice what XP requires

HDD: 6 GB, probably not much free space left

2nd HDD: 1.5 GB, currently not connected

Video card: 2 MB

E-mail addresses:

[Wow, it’s been about two years, and I come back and find a huge invitation for spam here. I shouldn’t edit old posts, but this had to go.]

Most likely I’m at my computer or at school. And I might be listening to Weird Al.

Currently, I’m in a great mood; I bought an Ethernet card yesterday so my desktop can now get online!