I’m Not Buying an Xbox One, and You Shouldn’t Either

Yeah, I’ve got a thing for really long names for my posts. But it’s eye-catching and sums up the points I’m about to make. Microsoft has totally bungled almost everything they’ve put their hands on lately. Windows Phone, Bing, and now the Xbox One (note: I really do like Windows 8 though, and while I’m still primarily a Mac user, my Samsung Series 7 Slate is my favorite of all the tablets I’ve owned).

Right now, however, I’m focusing exclusively on the Xbox One. Don’t get me wrong. MS haven’t shot themselves in the foot. It’s more like they dropped a nuclear bomb straight onto themselves. First off, from what I’ve heard, the Xbox One and the PS4 have the same processor, but the PS4 has a superior GPU.

But non-geeks don’t care about that, as long as it plays their games

But it doesn’t. If there’s one thing the Xbox One doesn’t do, it’s play games. For starters, it isn’t backwards-compatible with Xbox 360 games. Hmm… so you’re going to buy this console at launch and have maybe a dozen launch titles and no legacy games to fall back on. Sure you might still have your 360, but what if you’ve decided (like me) that your living room is already cluttered enough and you’d like to get rid of it? Or what if you want to sell your 360 to help you afford this likely-overpriced brick?

Maybe they just couldn’t pull off backwards-compatibility?

No… just no. You know the Asus Transformer Book Trio? If that’s possible, surely MS can make a product that can run both Xbox One games and legacy 360 ones. In fact, it’s running three different operating systems at once. This wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Yes, it’s a different architecture, but those chips are from 2005, dinosaurs in this industry. They’re cheap enough they ought to be selling them right next to the Pringles and Lays by now. MS could easily throw one in without significantly increasing the price of the console. Basically, due to MS stinginess, your Xbox One will be virtually useless for quite awhile after buying it.

But wait… there’s more!

So not only can an Xbox One not play 360 games, it can’t play Xbox One games either.


I’m dead serious. The Xbox One can’t play Xbox One games. No internet connection? Crappy connection? Then your console won’t allow you to play your games, even offline. It has to phone home every 24 hours just to enable this. Oh, and like to try out games borrowed from your friend? You can’t. Like to try them out by renting them? Too bad, you can’t. Oh, and aside from the 24 hour phoning home restriction, my favorite, multitudes of restrictions on used games that essentially mean you won’t be able to buy them (publishers can, and most likely will, prevent it altogether, or apply additional “transfer fees”). I happen to like buying used games. New games are about as overpriced as name-brand clothing, and if you buy either thing, you’re a sucker. And so are MS for trying this kind of thing. Making enemies with the likes of GameStop et al. is in no way good for them. Due to the large number of people who purchase their games (and consoles) through such stores, they have great power to influence one’s console purchase. And guess which console they’ll push (hint: it’s not the one that has essentially waged war against them).

Get your head out of the cloud

Okay, so I do have a bit of bias to admit. I’m strongly against cloud-dependency. It’s the reason I’m always slamming ChromeOS. I’m not against the cloud as a concept, as long as you aren’t forced to use it. It’s great to have your data synced across devices, as long as you also have a local copy. What if MS goes out of business (yes, it’s unlikely, but not impossible)? Or, what if, more likely, they decide in a few years that every Xbox One user should buy an Xbox Two (it probably won’t be called this, but while not a legitimate reason not to buy the One, I do need to mention how illogical their naming pattern is). Those (completely unnecessary) verification servers cost money to run, and why would MS ever spend that money on allowing people to use their now-obsolete console, when they’d love to sell you an “Xbox Two”? And here’s the biggest problem. Why would you buy a console that its developers have to “allow” you to use, on a day-by-day basis, after you’ve bought it? One could argue that MS wouldn’t want to risk losing customer loyalty, but they’ve already proven that they couldn’t care less. Anyone remember the Windows Phone 8 debacle? Everyone who bought an expensive new top-of-the-line Lumia (I forget what it’s called… MS/Nokia suck at naming things logically) only days before WP8 was announced was stuck with no upgrade path. MS (and its fanboys) argue a bootloader incompatibility. Mhmm. Do explain how years ago, I was able to emulate EFI to boot a hackintosh, using open-source utilities developed by hobbyists. MS certainly had the capability to do the same for WP7.x devices, but why would they? They don’t care about customer loyalty. At all. They have an awful track record. Don’t think that they won’t try it again.


Microsoft is working hard to craft its biggest flop yet. It can’t compete with the PS4 on specs, it can’t play games (neither 360 titles nor its own for that matter), it looks like a VCR from the early 90’s, its name is hardly appropriate for a console that is, in fact, third in its series, and it’s being placed carefully on the path to planned obsolescence.

Sony, this is my appeal to you. I know you’ve made your mistakes (the geohot lawsuit anyone), but you’ve been doing great lately. Releasing the source code for your Android firmwares on time? And so far at least, not immersing your products in unnecessary DRM and cloud dependency. Keep it up, and you’re sure to win this generation’s console wars.

(P.S., if anyone at Sony is reading this, I was really impressed by one of your stores when I visited a few days ago… I’d love to review that 4K 82″ TV I saw )

…Let’s hope MS has at least solved the Red Ring of Death, or this isn’t a Windows Phone level failure; it’s a Microsoft Bob level failure.

Justin Daigle: A Facebook Experience

Hi! As of today, Justin Daigle (.com) is a fully-owned subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. I have sold the domain, as well as its content and a ten-year contract of my services, for the sum of one billion US dollars. As part of the deal, I have also sold the notterland.com domain to Zynga, and will assist them in developing a freemium game offering strong and completely unfair practical benefits to paying customers. As for this blog, I will now document what’s new at Facebook and my work there. I will be updating here and my brand new Facebook page from my new Chromebook Pixel, the ideal machine for people who do nothing but browse the web! The new analytic software installed on my blog is also tracking which posts you read, connecting your IP address to your real name and your Facebook account without any other information required, and selling this comprehensive profile of yourself to the highest bidder.

Psst: Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Also, thanks Gwynne for the idea.

Thoughts on Google Glass

It’s probably about time I write another blog post. I’ve been rather devoid of inspiration ever since Glitch closed, but my blog and its shiny new theme (thanks hounsell!) are kind of sitting here collecting dust, and I’ve decided I probably need to blog more often. I know this is my own personal space, but in the past couple of years, I’ve grown rather self-conscious about the stuff I post. I need to get over that.

Anyway, I was going to post a personal rant on my birthday, but decided against it. I also planned to write a review or two of Ubuntu Touch (the demos looked so amazing and I planned to shower it with praise), but then I actually tried it and it’s awful. “Woefully incomplete” is an understatement. Those demo videos left me feeling like Android is a last-gen OS, but the product hasn’t lived up to the demos, so there is no next-gen OS to switch to (for those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I’ve recently switched to Android and a Nexus 4, which truly feels like a next-gen device as compared to my iPhone 4S; I might still write a post soon writing my thoughts on the switch).

Regardless, my intent today was to write a post about Google Glass. For the most part, it’s a rant. Not a rant about Google Glass. Ignorant commenters on articles about the product are already doing a great job of spewing out cynical nonsense; I feel no need to assist them. I’ll instead be ranting about these ignorant commenters and the ridiculous arguments they pose over and over again (the way I see it, there are three).

1. I’ll look ridiculous wearing it!

Nope. You’ll look like a spy from the future, and that’s awesome. Why would you not want to look like a spy from the future? Not to mention, I don’t think I want to look “socially acceptable,” since in today’s society, that means gold chains and pants pulled halfway down one’s legs such that one’s underwear is visible. People are walking around looking like complete douchebags (even worse than what I just described, look at the cast of Jersey Shore), and you complain about a pair of futuristic-looking glasses? I don’t get it. I really, really don’t get it (maybe it’s just because I have no social credibility to lose anyway, so… why not?).

2. It’s too expensive!

There’s two ways of looking at this one, one of which actually has some merit (but not much). And that way is “It isn’t cheap enough for me to afford it.” It probably isn’t. Let’s assume “It’ll retail for less than $1500” means “It’ll retail for $1499.” For non-geeks, that’s no impulse buy. But non-geeks just spend their money elsewhere, on other expensive toys. It isn’t my problem, or Google’s, that you just bought a new Mercedes-Benz and can’t afford Google Glass now. Not to mention, if you don’t already budget for new tech toys, you’re probably not part of the target market anyway. This is for addicts like me who can’t last five seconds without being in front of a computer screen.

The other way of looking at it is “It’s too expensive for what it is.” Nope. This is brand new technology. It’s no easy feat to fit a computer into a device that small, and then actually display its data unobtrusively. This is probably the first truly revolutionary computing device in the last five years or so. Want to look at an example of something that is overpriced for what it is? Look at the Chromebook Pixel. $1300 for a device that’s effectively good for nothing. Seriously? It still baffles me how a company that develops things like Glass and self-driving cars comes up with stupid ideas like Chromebooks, which, are pretty much the epitome of netbooks (limited-functionality, cheap computers designed for little more than accessing Facebook and other web sites). Add on top of this the completely moronic idea of making an expensive netbook and trying to market it to professionals. Professionals who need to do what exactly? Look at Facebook in super-high resolution? I believe one example given was photographers. You know, because you can run Photoshop within Chrome… oh wait, nope. I could rant more about how the whole cloud-dependency idea is ridiculous, but I don’t think I need to in order to make my point. I realize I went severely off-topic here, but my point was that Glass is a revolutionary product. It solves a real problem (the problem of being constantly connected to information in ways smartphones will never accomplish). Chromebooks, which now approach the pricing point of Glass, are a solution without a problem (“A computer designed for the cloud!” Yes, but what do I need that for?).

3. It’s invasive of privacy!

This one’s the most ludicrous claim of all, and also seems to be the most frequently-repeated. I basically wrote this post to get to rant about the people using this argument. The first two things? They’re subjective to an extent. Some people may not find them attractive, or be able to afford them. No amount of “proving I’m right” can change those things. Nor do I need to. If you don’t want Google Glass, that isn’t really my problem. But this whole privacy thing is. People are claiming the ability to record people discretely invades their privacy, and therefore people shouldn’t be allowed to do it! Cry me a river.

First off, you’re already being recorded. Ever been inside a store? They have security cameras and stuff. Ever been outside? People are probably (inadvertently, I’ll get to this later) already recording you with their phones.

But, I can see them doing that!

Probably not. That you notice every person in your surroundings, and their phones, is highly unlikely in most circumstances. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Nobody cares about you. Seriously.

Unless you’re doing something that you probably have no business doing in public anyway, nobody cares about you. You’re narcissistic, schizophrenic, or both, to think that you’re some kind of celebrity and everyone is out to maliciously record you. Anyone out recording with these is probably just recording their surroundings in general. And even if you were, hypothetically, some celebrity and the object of someone’s recordings, it doesn’t matter.

There’s no such thing as privacy in public.

No, really. It’s paradoxical.The definition of public is “open to all persons.” The definition of private is “confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned; confidential.” (Source: Dictionary.com) If you’re in public, and therefore in a position to be recorded, you have no privacy (neither in practice, nor as some sort of idealized or legal right). You’re incredibly self-entitled to think otherwise. Get over yourself. If you want privacy, never leave your house. You have a legal and practical right to privacy there. You’ll take it and you’ll be happy with it.

In closing, if you don’t want Google Glass, that’s fine. I probably can’t convince you otherwise, nor do I need to. If you think I look like a dork wearing them, okay. I don’t really care. If you think I’m violating some hypothetical right to privacy that you have in public, nope. By definition, you have no privacy in public. Deal with it. I’ll be rocking a pair of these on day one of their official release (hopefully later this year), and look forward to reviewing them. =D

Glitch: A Screenshot Archive

I know I said that last post would be my last Glitch post, but I kept digging through this old folder of screenshots I had, and figured I could squeeze out one more. At the time I downloaded the folder (it was for the one-year post a couple of months back), I had 157 screenshots. In the spirit in which I posted the sixteen in-game snaps I’d never published, I’ll also publish a selection of these screenshots I took with the best explanation I can come up with for what it’s about. Note: These explanations may turn into multi-paragraph ramblings explaining the many bugs I’ve known about at various times throughout my journey through Ur. Also, chat logs. Publishing a fair few of those as well. I’d publish all of them, but 157 images in one post is a little ridiculous. If I look through the folder and decide I have enough interesting images to warrant a future second post in this series, I’ll write one.

Taken in Anrasan Glance on the same night of the other Crowns Underground photo (January 13, 2011) of my celebratory one year post, we used the same technique here to get behind the stone. Jade attempted to patch the area so it would be impossible to do this again… she didn’t realize we were using a different method, and until the day of the game’s closing, it was still possible to use this technique to get behind the stone. The technique, discovered by Palindrome, involved following a person, who would accept the follow while you are jumping. This follow is then “broken,” and you are stuck following the person until they evade you. The follower would proceed to climb part way up a ladder, and the leader moves toward either the left or the right. The follower will then slide (still in ladder-climbing position) in a (random?) direction. Assuming the bottom of the ladder is lower than the highest point on the floor of that street, this technique could be used to get underground on a street.

There were two other hacks usable to get underground, at least to my knowledge. The first and simpler of these was the summon trick. If you stand facing right, with a wall to your right, the player you summon will be pushed underground. I accidentally discovered this bug along with Liza Throttlebottom during an attempt to grind subway badges. I summoned her to the station, standing immediately to the left of the gate. After she arrives, she’s to the right of it and able to get underground.

The second, and possibly the most complicated, is known as the “blending trick.” In the final days of the game, tis held a class to explain this one, however a few people (mostly members of the Game of Crowns group) have been aware of it for months. I’m not exactly sure from whom this trick originated. While it is the most complicated of the getting underground hacks, it also works on almost any street. The process for using this hack was as follows. Similar to both of the other hacks just mentioned, it requires a second person. One must be on a fast connection or computer, and the other on a slow one. The idea is for the person on the slow connection/computer to follow the person on the fast one. The person on the fast connection/computer will then change streets, and, as soon as possible, change back to the original street. If the second change is completed before the follower has a chance to load the new street, the follower will be on the final street, but with the paths of the street before. Once the follower is in an ideal location, the leader may then follow them to obtain access to the normally off-limits area.

Notice I said “almost” any street. We tried hacking The Other Drop using the blending trick, and this happened.



Stuff like this is why RM is awesome. My first experience of her involved one of the many tree wars I’ve taken part in. That’s how I got the impression that she was a “rule maniac.” She then did this to prove me wrong. Yes, that’s a patch in Timtim. =P

This awkward moment happened later that day. I really don’t know if any explaining is wanted or needed here…

One of two in a series of guide mishaps. Not sure how exactly he managed to do that. I blame WASD, despite the fact that none of those letters are involved here.

In case you haven’t seen the back story behind my perpetual ridicule of WASD controls, here it is again:

Sep 25 1:16:24AM Gwynne  my meditation keps messing up when i type…

Sep 25 1:16:33AM Gwynne  its not supposed to do that >.<

Sep 25 1:16:37AM You  Precisely.

Sep 25 1:16:48AM You  Using WASD as opposed to the arrow keys by any chance?

Sep 25 1:16:57AM Gwynne  yeah?

Sep 25 1:17:07AM You  I could never. It’s too illogical. D=

Sep 25 1:17:23AM Gwynne  it took me a lot of getting used to xD

Sep 25 1:17:23AM You  If anything, D should move you down, not right.

Sep 25 1:17:37AM Gwynne  but theyre arranged like the arrow keys

Sep 25 1:17:43AM You  S for… south, I guess?

Sep 25 1:18:46AM Gwynne  if you wanna do it that way you could just have ULDR, wich are all over the place…

Sep 25 1:18:57AM You  Exactly. First thing I’m fixing if TS hires me.

Sep 25 1:19:18AM Gwynne  you are *not* changing WASD to ULDR

Sep 25 1:19:38AM You  But… WASD doesn’t make any sense!

Sep 25 1:20:04AM Gwynne  but its arranged like the arrow keys! its convenient!

Sep 25 1:20:21AM Gwynne  it would be so hard to move using ULDR

Sep 25 1:20:37AM You  I’m going to prove to you that ULDR works. Tomorrow, I’m going to modify my arrow move game to use ULDR as the controls.

Sep 25 1:20:59AM Gwynne  omg >.<

Sep 25 1:21:29AM You  http://justindaigle.com/files/ArrowMove.html Note: WASD doesn’t do anything. It never did, and it never will.

Sep 25 1:22:06AM Gwynne  you are crazy…

Sep 25 1:22:30AM You  For writing a game that expects one to use arrow keys?

Sep 25 1:23:04AM Gwynne  for not seeing the reason in WASD.

Sep 25 1:23:16AM Gwynne  my meditation messed up again! argh!

Sep 25 1:23:21AM Gwynne  brb

Sep 25 1:23:24AM Gwynne just left 🙁

Sep 25 1:23:54AM Gwynne is here!

Sep 25 1:24:05AM R-e-l-a-x-i-n-g.

Sep 25 1:24:08AM Calm blue ocean.

Sep 25 1:24:11AM This is beautiful.

Sep 25 1:24:14AM You  I’m not the one who can’t meditate whilst typing. 😉

Sep 25 1:24:15AM Good, good.

Sep 25 1:24:30AM Whoops. There it goes. That was relaxing. +363 mood, +363 energy, +0 iMG

Sep 25 1:24:36AM You  Ha! There you go again.

Liza wasn’t quite a guide at this point, but, uh… kind of surprised they promoted her after this (just kidding, Liza’s awesome).


This key spawned every 40 seconds behind the pillar toward the right of Newcot Close in Groddle Forest. I managed to gain a level a day for my last several levels (after the iMG transition) using these keys. I would spend a few hours camping this key every game day, then enter the (then-new) basement seam streets from the Gregarious Grange Tower basement. Using diagrams like the one below, I would pick out high-value iMG quoins, then use /home and /leave, which would put me back in the Gregarious Grange basement, ready to repeat this process. While this method was not as efficient as a later method involving ticket to paradise upgrade cards, it was the best of its time (and also did not get nerfed until much later than the upgrade card method).


This diagram indicates the location of two high-iMG quoins in Piryan. There was a third 3k iMG quoin, but by the time its location was explained to me, I had already memorized the locations and didn’t update the diagram.


New day screen after one particular day of using the basement method of level grinding.


I think stuck buffs were caused by connection lag. The high jumper and moonwalk buffs were fun, but the sneezing and purple junk buffs didn’t do anything while stuck, if I recall correctly. This was my personal record of four. I probably could’ve gotten more, but I couldn’t think of anything else to add to these.


Pictured above was an experiment in staying in the Ancestral Lands past the timer expiration by means of taking turns with people who did not have the overwhelmed debuff. Palindrome later discovered a bug that allowed one to just clear the overwhelmed screen by opening then closing the iMG window. Using this bug, I quickly gained my last few AL’s achievements (it also had the added benefit of reliably spawning a Juju Bandit, one per street, from any trap).


One of two of my favorite bugs ever in Glitch, this one sort of came about by accident. A month or so before the actual discovery, TomC discussed with us the possibility of resetting a pickle by means of changing the TSID. At this point, however, doing so was thought impossible. I got bored one day and tried this:

Feb 18 12:08:39AM You  Ooh… I wonder if I’m the first person to try this. Fill up your inventory, play with your pickle, then quickly pick up an item while it’s out of your inventory.

Feb 18 12:09:06AM You  (if you don’t believe me when I say you won’t lose it, try it in your house)

Feb 18 12:09:26AM Lx  Could do it with a cubi too.

Feb 18 12:11:04AM You  Wait… I think I just discovered something more to this.

Feb 18 12:11:05AM Rayana  would rather not try it with my pickle… it might glitch

Feb 18 12:11:18AM You  So I did it with a named cubimal, and when the rock returned it, it lost its name.

Feb 18 12:11:28AM You  Maybe, just maybe, it resets TSID’s?

Feb 18 12:11:58AM You  If so, Justin Daigle ‘s Bargain GNG Bin is open for business!

Feb 18 12:11:58AM Vira has left

Feb 18 12:12:03AM Rayana  would that generate an extra GNG?

Feb 18 12:12:11AM You  If it resets the TSID? Yes.

Feb 18 12:13:48AM You  Let’s help me keep track. Current pickle TSID: IA9H12OEHEO2B7O

Feb 18 12:15:03AM Meander Thralls has joined

Feb 18 12:15:07AM Bradamus Prime has left

Feb 18 12:16:47AM Humbabella has left

Feb 18 12:17:10AM Fur  hey! its new person

Feb 18 12:17:11AM Fur  hello

Feb 18 12:18:22AM Lx  Meander’s been here before, but welcome back 🙂

Feb 18 12:19:13AM You  Success!

Feb 18 12:19:18AM You  Pickle TSID changed to IA9HPQM3IEO282V

Feb 18 12:19:52AM You  Whether it’ll actually let me get a GNG out of it now is still up for debate.

Obviously, it worked. Again and again. It wasn’t patched until much later, after I was pretty bored with it (yes, it did get boring after awhile). Also, for whatever reason, they never fixed it on cubimals.

On that note, here’s a screenshot of my testing house, back when items were huge. I later made the GNG’s five to a shelf once items became smaller. I still don’t know why they did that. I preferred the huge items…


The Loudspeaker in the Rook Museum could be interacted with as though it were a human player, to an extent. I think it also had a player TSID.


This was shortly after the Great Moving Box disaster of 2012. For about a month, the Faded Heart item, which could ordinarily not be picked up or dropped, was stuck on many of our floors. I happened to screenshot this rare moment. It kind of bugs me though, the inconsistency between quest items… Faded Heart could not be picked up or dropped, but could be placed in an SDB. After the developers “fixed” it, Play Cube could not be picked up, dropped, traded, or placed in an SDB (although I discovered a workaround with Gwynne that would allow you to do so by placing it in a gift box, wrapping it, then giving the other player the gift box; I never got to test this method with a greeter stick, but it theoretically would’ve worked). And of course, then there was the conch. Not realizing they didn’t lock when placed in towers, this happened:

Sep 29 1:47:45AM Gwynne  *you* could make the conch 😀

Sep 29 1:47:51AM You  Riiiiight…

Sep 29 1:48:07AM You  Considering you didn’t even know if you could do it, how do you expect me to do it? 0_o

Sep 29 1:48:33AM Gwynne  *shrug* you could try…

Sep 29 1:48:54AM You  I wouldn’t even know where to start. D=

Sep 29 1:48:58AM stoot barfield is here!

Sep 29 1:49:04AM Gwynne  :O

Sep 29 1:49:09AM You  Nice guest you got there!

Sep 29 1:49:13AM               stoot barfield  WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!

Sep 29 1:49:13AM Gwynne  xD

Sep 29 1:49:18AM stoot barfield high fived you! Mood +10

Sep 29 1:49:22AM You high fived stoot barfield. Energy -10

Sep 29 1:49:33AM               stoot barfield  I just came here for the Justin

Sep 29 1:49:38AM Gwynne  lol

Sep 29 1:49:41AM               stoot barfield  BUT, Gwynne … can I tell you something?

Sep 29 1:49:46AM Gwynne  sure 🙂

Sep 29 1:49:49AM You  Heh. Am I somehow interesting?

Sep 29 1:49:49AM               stoot barfield  I will say it to you privately

Sep 29 1:49:52AM               stoot barfield  ready?

Sep 29 1:49:55AM Gwynne  yes!

Sep 29 1:50:30AM               stoot barfield  thanks for the conch

Sep 29 1:50:37AM Gwynne  stoooot…

Sep 29 1:50:49AM Gwynne  thanks 🙂

Sep 29 1:51:04AM You  Gwynne  I’ll pick it up if anyone comes in

Sep 29 1:51:12AM You  She must’ve been too shocked.

Sep 29 1:51:16AM Gwynne  or i could just keep it…

Sep 29 1:51:20AM Gwynne  lol

Along with the new tutorial came a set of streets known as Gentle Island. No, this is not a Gentle Island street. It’s Adanac in Groddle Forest. It’s where I got kicked out to. Unfortunately, I only got to go to one Gentle Island street, and I couldn’t figure out how to move around on it, which I was too preoccupied with to actually remember to take screenshots there. The means by which I got to Gentle Island involved following a new player on their home street, who would then return to Gentle Island, taking me with them. Simple!


This took place at a party in March. Pali and Liza suggested that stoot hire me. This was my dream in life. A dream I’ll never get to realize now. 🙁


Anyone remember this person? Somehow single-handedly broke the game for like eight to twelve hours. Yeah, me too. D=

I think they originally had one or two of those flower symbols in their name, which duplicated each time anything displaying it came up. The downtime sucked, but the forum topic that came as a result was pretty funny. This post was possibly my favorite.

I think they removed those characters from that person’s name, and most likely (hopefully) blocked it from being a valid character in usernames from then on out. However, they still allowed quite a few they probably shouldn’t have, including the hair space, which allowed me to use the name “Justin” despite the fact that it was taken (although it did inconvenience and confuse people who wished to send me mail, sorry!).


Finally in the “weird characters in people’s names” department, there was this. The Arabic characters in this person’s name somehow caused their level to appear before their name. I’d seen a lot of bugs in Glitch, but this one really weirded me out. Reminds me a little of this character people used to stick in their profile on forums, that would cause all the text to appear upside down.


This is a (poorly-made) concept I threw together on how to deal with the problem of multiple quest popups. When you had something like sixteen new quests, it was annoying. Close one popup, then another comes right back in your face. This was the bane of my existence for my first few minutes in-game at a point when I had a lot of quests I just didn’t feel like doing at the moment. So I proposed this alteration, a scrolling list that could be closed all at once.


And now, the final exploit in the history of Ur. Much like the GNG thing, this was sort of an accident. I had managed to stay in-game, running around and doing stuff, for about half an hour after the official closing. I left this makeshift memorial in honor of Gwynne, not really capable of thinking of something better considering the panic (looking back, I wish I would’ve left artifacts, or something that actually had value at that point). I think I pulled this off by having left the game open in Safari. When I later tried opening it in Chrome, it must’ve pulled the cached files, and with the servers still being up, allowed me to load the game. I then got kicked with some “logged in from multiple places” notification half an hour or so later (unfortunately, I’d closed the other window by this point… I may have gotten to stay even longer had I not done so). Although it might’ve been a manual thing done by staff, considering I kind of saw a couple of them in Cebarkul and tried talking to them. They never replied. 🙁

I did get mail from people noticing I was still in game though. xD


The Incantations of Absurdity, or, Glitch – A Remembrance

On November 14, Tiny Speck announced that Glitch is closing its doors on December 9 at 8PM. This was met with much sadness, as well as some anger at Tiny Speck for building such a great game, and the best community ever to exist on the internet (or anywhere for that matter) atop it, just to take it away. Many people have expressed their thoughts in updates (I have as well, to an extent), on the forums, and by other means, but I figure I’ve got enough to say that it warrants a blog post. Gwynne and I both have things to say here – we’ll share this space, split into two parts.


This game was absolutely preposterous. In my time in Glitch (a little over a year), I’ve squeezed a few thousand chickens, nibbled a similar number of pigs, as well as milked countless butterflies. And of course, I’ve jumped around for days upon days with a crown that levitates above my hat. And only a couple of weeks ago, I foolishly posted (toward the end of that) that I was looking forward to a second year even better than the first. I suppose it wasn’t meant to be.

After the sad news was announced, I had this to say:

This is awful, and I’m in tears right now. While I don’t believe the world will end in 2012, it may as well. Glitch was my life for the past year, and I have no idea how I’ll spend my all-too-copious (and about to be even more copious because of winter break) free time from here on out. I regret not having gotten to know more of my friends here out-of-game in some way, although in one case, I actually did, last night (strange; almost prophetic even). Two groups have provided the best company I’ve had, ever: Game of Crowns, and PBMS. I hope they’ll reassemble somewhere, and someday soon…. For those whom I may never see again, it’s been awesome knowing you, and I’ll miss you all dearly.

I’ve given away most of my remaining collectibles and stopped grinding badges. While collecting and grinding used to be enjoyable pastimes for me, they just don’t seem to matter anymore. From this point on, I just want to enjoy the time I have left (although I do intend to fulfill my old promise of helping Gwynne grind Licensed Teleporter, Whoa Class).

My life is more or less completely in pieces at the moment. Glitch has been the only serious time-killer I’ve had recently, and there aren’t any satisfactory replacements. Nothing even comes close. In a world of MMO’s that involve “orc vs. mage PvP”… or whatever people do in those games, Glitch truly stood out. No orcs, no mages, no PVPs. It was actually original. And not just in gameplay. In business model too. TS set out to provide a fun game that didn’t demand money for everything. Unlike everything else out there, Glitch didn’t bend you over and screw you for cash. Because of these admirable qualities, I had hoped for the past several months that I’d someday get to work for Tiny Speck, because they actually did something meaningful, instead of following the established pattern of churning out crap to make money. I guess my dream was just that… a dream. Not something I’ll actually get to do.

In the very beginning of this post, I mentioned that there are feelings of sadness, and also feelings of anger. I feel like a child that’s been given a piece of candy, and then had it yanked away right after opening it. In this case, the candy is an imaginative game with an amazing community, both of which are without comparison. I suppose the part that hurts the most is that it wasn’t some investor decision that was outside the control of the staff. To the contrary, Glitch’s very founder is the one who decided to pull the plug. While I am a little angry, I would like to make something very clear: Tiny Speck has created a game that’s given me the best year of my life, and they deserve to keep every penny I’ve paid them (if only I could give them more). I implore you to come to the same conclusion. My apologies if this whole post has sounded like an incoherent rambling… if it does, it’s only because it represents me right now.


I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve been playing for over a year and Glitch never ceases to amaze me. I mean, Asslandia? And I still smile sometimes while massaging butterflies. The names of the streets blow my mind every time; there are so many, and they are all so exotic and creative. But I always thought Glitch would be here for me for years to come. The community has been inspiring and almost therapeutic at times, it’s helped me grow in ways I might not have otherwise. Even though I don’t talk all that much in group chat or the forums, I’ll miss every last one of you, whether I’ve gotten to know you personally or just lurked in chat and laughed at all the funny things you say (does that sound creepy?).

I’m not sure what I’ll do after Glitch, I’ll probably never get into another game like this one. I can almost see myself after Glitch closes, getting bored and wandering over to the computer only to remember…  Glitch is gone. No doubt those will be bad days, but until then I intend to make the best of what time we have left, which will hopefully involve lots of Game of Crowns =P

Like I said before, I’ll miss you all immensely. I’ll miss the amazing staff, I’ll miss the music, the artwork, and I might even miss discovering the occasional bug.  We’ve all heard the phrase “All good things must come to an end” but I never dreamed it would hurt this much. Glitch is a huge part of so many of our lives; things won’t be the same without Glitch to come back to after a hard day, or just to log in for a few minutes and check up on updates and the forums. I hope a little bit of this preposterous game lives on in us all, and I wish everyone the best of whatever they decide to do next.

Yet, we kind of liked it.