GroGApp 1.0 Now in the iOS App Store!

After over a month of dealing with Apple’s approval process, GroGApp is now available on the App Store! This means you should go download it. Right now. Follow @justin once you do. Also, go download the source code and do stuff with it. This leaves a couple of questions.

Why does the website still say it’s pending approval?

I’m in Georgia for a job interview, and I’m a little exhausted from all the driving. That’s why it took me so long to announce that the app was in the store to begin with. I’ll fix it once I get home.

Will there be an Android version? When?

I’ve been asked this by pretty much everyone. The answer is, “I don’t know,” to both. I find the Android SDK a bit less pleasant to deal with than that of iOS, and I don’t really feel like dealing with it right now. Hey, there’s a reason apps tend to be iOS-first. 

Although the API is open (with the only documentation being the Swift code for the iOS app, but…), so feel free to beat me to it, for those of you who loathe the Android SDK less than I do.

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