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Censorship and the App Store

It would seem as though I am the newest member of the elite club of those who have had their iOS app censored by Apple over political reasons. Furthermore, I stand as one of the few who will continue to stand for what I believe is right and accept the fact that it just won’t… Read more »

Sorry, Dr Dre. We misjudged you.

  We were wrong. Dr. Dre deserves to be a billionaire. After using headphones that had accurate sound reproduction, we had no idea what we were missing! These headphones are so all about that bass, they should have been called Beats by Meghan Trainor. They’re so hard-hitting, they should be called Beats by Chris Brown…. Read more »


Well, after having not blogged all year, and having posted an angry series of six tweets (and counting) on the subject just today (with many more on this subject in the past), and having enough caffeine and free time for once to actually write, I figured I would write about the thing that’s currently pissing… Read more »

First Look: iOS 7 Beta 1

In its annual WWDC opening keynote, Apple announced iOS 7, which was described as the “biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” and aptly so. After loading the beta onto my old iPhone 4S, my first thought was “It doesn’t even look like it’s running iOS anymore.” And that’s a good thing…. Read more »