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Well, after having not blogged all year, and having posted an angry series of six tweets (and counting) on the subject just today (with many more on this subject in the past), and having enough caffeine and free time for once to actually write, I figured I would write about the thing that’s currently pissing… Read more »

The Death of the Nexus

People have long claimed that Google would kill off the Nexus line. Well… they were right. They have. I’ll only say this once. The Nexus is┬ádead. Yep. Dead. Did I stutter? Did you miss the whole thing where Google announced the Nexus 6 and 9 today? I did not. Make no mistake. These devices are… Read more »

ChromeOS: iPhone OS 1.0, 2.0.

It’s been almost three months since I’ve blogged last. I’m really sorry about that. Shortly after writing my last blog post, the Eleven project began, and I’ve been focused on that lately. That, and I just haven’t found the inspiration to blog in quite awhile. Until now. Sometimes, you find a product that makes you… Read more »