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A New Era

I suppose after all that’s happened over the last week, you’re probably wondering “What the heck is going on?” And I suppose I owe you an explanation. As many of you already know, I was fired from M1 for causing 10 minutes of server downtime. Obviously, this forced me to find a new host. At… Read more »

Prom 2010

I know this is a whole 18 days late, but I just got the disc of pictures last Friday (and nah, I haven’t been busy the whole time… 10% busy, 90% lazy). It was fun, and I had a great time regardless of the fact that the food wasn’t exactly the best (mini-review of Pujo… Read more »

Happy birthday to… me!

For those who don’t know (if you’re not a member of JJ, GS, or TWC), today is my 17th birthday! I got my intermediate driver’s license yesterday, but now that I’m 17, I’m eligible to get my full license (tomorrow; they’re closed today for Mardi Gras). So far for my birthday I’ve gotten some cash… Read more »