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GroGApp 1.0 Now in the iOS App Store!

After over a month of dealing with Apple’s approval process, GroGApp is now available on the App Store!┬áThis means you should go download it. Right now. Follow @justin once you do. Also, go download the source code and do stuff with it. This leaves a couple of questions. Why does the website still say it’s… Read more »

TiNternet IRC 2.0

That was fast, wasn’t it? TiNternet IRC in its previous form is no more. After an unexpected power outage yesterday, I decided TiNternet needed to be moved to a real server, so it’s been moved to M1. The move was seamless, and chances are you won’t notice any difference. All databases and config files were… Read more »

TiNternet IRC

Edit: For those who don’t feel like reading through a bunch of crap, the server is, port 6667. Be sure to join our official chat channel, #coffeeshop. Yes, I’ve set up an IRC server. Yes, there’s already plenty of IRC servers out there. So you may be asking, what’s the point? Well, I’m on… Read more »

M1 Server v3

If you’re reading this, the DNS for my site has updated for you, and you’re accessing the copy of my site on the new server. Congratulations! You’re also quite lucky. The DNS hasn’t updated for me yet, and I’m writing this post from the server itself (the first time in ages I have done so)…. Read more »