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My New IM Server

Well, WLM is lacking since it’s controlled by someone else and WLM groups are limited to 20 members. IRC is lacking since it’s nearly impossible to set up, old, and… generally awful. So I dug around a bit, and decided to give OpenFire a try. It’s configuration is entirely graphical, and it’s quite easy to… Read more »

Merry Christmas!

It’s a few hours away for me, but for some others it’s already here. Merry Christmas! If I could, I would release TWC, but it isn’t ready, and as a matter of fact I haven’t even seen the theme yet. Here’s a bit of a preview, showing the current staff lineup. Also, as my gift… Read more »

Christmas Tree Cutting 101

I was in a festive mood in art class, so I decided to make a Christmas-themed cartoon. But who knew that such a festive activity could be so violent? Christmas Tree Cutting 101 from Justin Daigle on Vimeo. First thing you’ll notice is the bad animation. The whole thing was hand drawn, using my infamously… Read more »

JDC: Then and Now

Even though it’s only been for about a year and a half now, my site (and especially my blog) traces back to over two years ago. Basically, Rob asked me if I wanted hosting for a blog. “Sure.” So, if you dig back several pages, you can find my very first post. The funny… Read more »