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JDC v7: Coming this November

The new M1 server. It’s nice, it’s fast, and it runs Server 2008. It also put me out of the job sadly, so essentially I just have RDP for Chrome and WLM whenever I’m not at home and for managing my own site. Also, considering it’s running some new version of PHP, it’s also broken… Read more »

Slots 2

I managed to decompile my old game Slots and rewrite it. I also revamped the graphics to use some that actually made sense, then took it a step further and added a key to explain them. I also modified it to remove some unnecessary, non-working code and to make it generally faster and more responsive…. Read more »

Random Updates

It’s been exactly two months since my last post, so I suppose I’d better put something together so people don’t assume I’ve disappeared. Nothing worth posting about on its own has happened in the last two months; I suppose the most significant occurrence is that I got a new monitor towards the beginning of the… Read more »

echoShell 1.0 Released

After a long period of no news and me having lost the source code, echoShell 1.0 is released as freeware. It’s functionally inferior to RC1, as it was restored from a pre-RC1 backup of the source. I basically downloaded the backup, repaired a major bug or two, fixed the versioning info, disabled the activation systems,… Read more »