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Office 2010 Leaked, Screenshots

I’ve gotten my hands on the Office 2010 Developer Preview that leaked today, and I’m pleased to be one of the first to post screenshots of it. I find the new user interface changes to be quite sexy. Comment on your opinion on the changes. Tried it? Tell us what you think of your experience!… Read more »

JDC v6 =D

JDC v6 features a new Joomla site, using the RedEvo Aphelion theme, and the Pixeled theme for WordPress on my blog. The logo was made using a Photoshop tutorial for making the PS CS4 logo.

JDC v6 Rescheduled

I decided July’s too far away to release v6, server move or no server move. Sure I’ll be breaking tradition, but when I moved to this server all that came was a broken version of v5 anyway. Anyway, I decided the release will instead be on Monday!

JDC v6

It’s been what… four months since I’ve last mentioned v6? I can now say I have more final plans for v6, and it’ll bring all sorts of interesting stuff Among those things will most likely be the RTM release of echoShell! Since I traditionally release new versions with server moves, I’ll most likely release v6… Read more »

echoShell Beta 2

And… the echoShell Beta 2 release is finally done! Still uploading the newly compiled trial build atm though… Anyway, this build includes the following improvements over Beta 1: 1. Compiled for .NET Framework 2.0 as opposed to 3.5 – This means it’ll hopefully run on the computers at my school now 2. Numerous bugfixes 3…. Read more »