New forum

I have a new forum now! It’s called ROTFLOL Forums.

Please join it if you want! It’s powered by phpBB3 (which is really, really impressive).

Weekend time!

Now that it’s the weekend, I can blog without concern for my homework. Well, at least until Sunday, when I’m gonna be stuck doing all of it. So first a little about my computer.

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1

CPU: Intel Pentium at 133MHz

RAM: 144 MB, over twice what XP requires

HDD: 6 GB, probably not much free space left

2nd HDD: 1.5 GB, currently not connected

Video card: 2 MB

E-mail addresses:

[Wow, it’s been about two years, and I come back and find a huge invitation for spam here. I shouldn’t edit old posts, but this had to go.]

Most likely I’m at my computer or at school. And I might be listening to Weird Al.

Currently, I’m in a great mood; I bought an Ethernet card yesterday so my desktop can now get online!

First real post

I’ve got homework, so I don’t have time to make a real post, but I will write something so I have a me-written post here instead of just the automated “Hello world” post. So, I’m Justin, I hate homework, I’m a computer-obsessed geek and Weird Al fanatic.